Order Your Tri-merge Credit Report with FICO Scores

Some Choices to Get Your Tri-Merge Credit Report with FICO Scores


1. Experian, one of the big 3 credit reporting bureaus has the best value for a tri-merge credit report with all 3 bureau FICO scores included.

Their service, with no strings attached, is a flat $39.95.

Click here  for the Experian Tri-merge Credit Report with 3 scores 

2. As of 2017, there is now a good alternative that give you 2 of your scores and access to your credit report for Free:

Credit Karma.com  www.creditkarma.com .   The service is free to the user but the trade off is that there are ads from their credit card vendors.  The site has grown over the past few years and has increased that types of services you can get there such as challenging items on your credit report (via links on their site) .

You also get emails when your score changes, which is handy if you are doing some repair work on your credit.  It gives you a good idea if what you are doing in is working.